Learn How To Optimize Your Website In The Next 30 Seconds

Learn How To Optimize Your Website In The Next 30 Seconds

Want to know how to optimize your website? If yes, here is everything you need to know.

When you optimize your website, the search engine spiders will easily find your website pages and rank them depending on their relevance to the topic searched. So, if your website is properly optimized, your pages will be appearing at the top of the relevant search engine results. However, the optimization process is a recurring process that continuously requires monitoring, testing, tuning, and maintenance.

The following are the steps that you should follow when optimizing your website:

1. Target Market Industry Scrutiny

Website analysis – involves the analysis of code, content and meta keywords. Here you just need to determine whether everything follows the recommended standards.

• Competitive analysis – involves the scrutiny of keywords in the content as well as the ranking of the other competitive sites publishing similar content. You can use tools like Keywordspy.com and Semrush.com to do the analysis before developing your positioning strategies.

• Intimal keyword nomination – involves creating a list of prioritized search terms that are in line with your market segment and customer base. Find out the common search terms used by customers and note them.

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2. Keyword Research and Improvement

• Keyword analysis – involves the identification of phrases and keywords that you want to target. Ensure you check how each keyword is used by the competing websites according to recent searches. You can include misspellings, singulars, plurals, phrases, and keywords that are commonly searched in your prioritized list.

• Baseline ranking evaluation – involves assessing where you are in terms of ranking in order to guesstimate your future rankings. To begin with, keep a simple spreadsheet of weekly or monthly checks. If you see that your web traffic is improving month after month, then your keywords are working.

• Goals and objectives – involves defining your objectives at the beginning of every new program that you implement. That way, you can measure the return on investment (ROI) more accurately. After determining your objective, you target the pages of your website that can improve business, services, and products sales. Your objectives can vary depending on what you are looking for. For example, you can choose to increase web traffic, conversion rate and so on.

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3. Content optimization and compliance

• Create page titles – in order to establish keyword direction and page theme, you require titles that are based on the keyword.

• Create meta tags – although the description tags are not utilized by Google to rank pages, the can influence the number of clicks.

• Strategically place some phrases on pages – where you need to integrate specific keywords into your content and code on chosen pages. Ensure your keyword suggestions includes at least one common search term per page. It is prudent to ensure that the keywords are naturally included in the content so that the search engines can quickly determine the gist of the page. Traditionally, 100 to 300 content pieces were the norm but nowadays large content pieces are doing better. According to recent tests, pages with words ranging between 800 and 2,000 are outperforming shorter pieces. In most cases, links, content, marketplace, and users determine the ranking and popularity numbers.

• Come up with new sitemaps for Bing and Google – ensure your website has a structure ideal for search engines so that they can index it better. Develop both the HTML and XML versions of the website with the former coming first. You can use the Bing and Google webmaster tools to submit XML sitemaps.

• Limited directories site submissions – although it is possible to submit URL to the top search engines, professional search marketers don’t do so. However, there is a natural way to get links pointing back your site and it is usually the faster and the better way. Select a couple of directories to submit your site so that indexing is done quicker. Some of the paid directories include Business.com and Yahoo!

4. Nonstop testing and gauging

• Test and measure – after implementing your programs, analyze your web traffic and search engine ranking to determine their effectiveness. Testing may involve performance assessment of each keyword and results changes. Then record all those changes in a spreadsheet or other similar software that you are okay with.

• Maintenance – there is need to continually add and modify your website content and relevant keywords in order to improve ranking and growth continuity. Don’t forget the linking part since it is equally important regardless of whether it is outbound or inbound. And provided the link is relevant to your target market. A content management system can help you manage your content better.

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How Marketing and Landing Pages Fit in

How Marketing and Landing Pages Fit in

Creating a landing page is not an easy task. There are several web design rules and tricks you need to follow. You need to use some actions to make your button noticed, and some words to convince your visitors to ‘claim the offer’ or ‘push the button.’ Before you create a landing page, it is wise to know what your audience wants. Keep in mind that no one is visiting your page for pleasure, all they want is to see if you can solve their problems or not. How marketing and landing pages fit in Even though the use of landing pages can convert many visitors into customers, they are not used to replace any form of marketing.
Unlike most marketing strategies, landing pages follow a straightforward approach. They do not need any explanation. When designing a landing page, keep in mind that less content is necessary. Here are some of the roles that landing pages can play in your marketing strategy. * Landing pages should be designed to go hand in hand with your SEO strategies. Any SEO strategy you employ on your website utilize it on your landing page. * Landing pages and PPC ( pay-per-click ) go hand in hand. However, it is vital to note that you can use landing pages with organic search engine rankings, not only on PPC ads. * Landing pages work so well with social media marketing.
Many businesses have more than one pages for their supporters on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. A landing page offers an easy way to design a customized destination for the marketing campaign, pay-per-click ads, and many others.
web designing agency in Miami

web design agency in Miami

Tips on how to Design Great Landing Pages

1. Avoid navigation menu on your landing page

Landing pages can only be persuasive is they can keep the visitors focused. By not focusing on the message, visitors will not determine if you can provide solutions or not. Focus begins with non existing navigation. A navigation menu can be useful for visitors who would like to learn more about your company. But it should not be on the landing page. Keep in mind that visitors want to learn more about your products, and not browse. You need to have all the information they are looking for on your landing page.

2.Use attention-grabbing headlines

Another great way to earn attention from your visitors is using a headline that catches their eyes and guides them to the rest of your content. For instance, using the word ‘You” means you are speaking directly to the visitors. An attention-grabbing title and subtitles will improve trust to your customers, and they will know they are in the right place.

3.Use helpful media Well-designed

landing pages do not have meaningless media. Some websites may have stock photos, but the images are not useless. Any media used, be it video or photo on your landing page should assist the visitor to gauge your product. You can seek professional help to ensure you design your website the right way.

4.Have convincing ‘Call-to-action’ button

In a well-designed landing page, you will not see words such as ‘Submit here’ or ‘Download.’ Even though they might be helpful in some situations, they might not be convincing to the visitor. The word Submit and Download sound more like a task you are offering the visitor. So, make you ‘Call-to-action’ more beneficial. Also, design your button to stand out. Choose colors that are matching your marketing strategies and web design. Also, make your button look like professional. Keep in mind that visitors see buttons all over. Hence, they do not want to see something boring. That means you should design something useful.

5.Social proof

A good landing page is not jam-packed with information that is not convincing. You should design a strategy that delivers the message better than our competitors. To have a remarkable landing, you need have to employ social proof on your site. Social proof is one reason a visitor may decide a Facebook or a Twitter page is worth following just because it has many followers. It is a reason a visitor thinks an item is good just because a few strangers said so.

Bottom -line You should use a landing page for every marketing campaign you run. You may be selling many products, or you have several promotional offers for various user segments, the landing page is the best strategy to use. Designing a landing page is not hard, you only need some research and some creativity.

1800seo is a Miami SEO agency dedicated to help business to grow their online presence. https://1800seo.com You can learn more about our work visit our website. SEO MIami 

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Getting your website on Search Engines

Getting your website on Search Engines

There’s no getting around it: we live in a digital world. And if you want your independent to be successful, you will have to create your own space in that digital world, in that part, your website should be on the search engines. Not only that, but the digital home you carve out for your business will inevitably be surrounded by millions, perhaps even tens of millions, of other online storefronts, many just like yours. So how do you make your company’s digital storefront stand out? How do you keep your independent business from being lost in the online global marketplace?

seo consultant in miami

seo consultant in miami

The importance of SEO

By now, most business owners wishing to take their operations fully or even partially online have heard of the importance of SEO—Search Engine Optimization. But what does that mean, exactly? SEO merely refers to the strategic use of keywords which will increase the likelihood that your company’s websites will be included among the “hits”, the results lists, potential customers receive when they search online for goods and services like those your company provides. The effective use of SEO keywords is, far and away, the most important technique for ensuring that your company website does not get lost in an ocean of online competitors.

SEO keywords

However, making the most of SEO keywords is not always easy. It requires careful planning, a strong sense of who the target customer is, and a clear idea of what that customer is looking for. The first things to consider, then, are the SEO keywords you will need to use on your website to ensure that the web’s most important search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, find your business when scanning billions of pages of digital content posted on the World Wide Web.

seo search engine optimization

seo search engine optimization

Competitor research

A helpful first step is to conduct a bit of good old-fashioned competitor research. Go online and explore the websites of local, national, and international competitors. Are there any particular words or phrases that keep recurring? If so, it’s a good bet those are SEO keywords that will benefit your website as well.

A similar strategy is to do an online search for the types of products and services your company offers. This will enable you to identify diverse ways of describing your company catalog, thereby expanding the all-important SEO keyword list that will help make your website become a search engine magnet.


Know your target audience

Perhaps the most important technique for turning your website into an irresistible beacon to draw internet traffic your way is to know your target audience. How are they? What do they want? What do they expect and require? And what language are they most likely to use when searching for those elusive goods and services? If you understand who your customers are, how they speak, and how they research online, you will be able to tailor your website content to draw them in.

For example, if you are a soft drink retailer with only limited regional distribution, then you might customize your website content by using the words that customers only in that region are most likely to use to refer to soft drinks: “pop” in the mid-west and Pacific Northwest, “soda” on the east and west coasts, and “coke” or “cola” in the south. If you want to expand your website’s reach, however, just incorporate each of these terms and you will have an SEO keyword goldmine, attracting customers from nationwide—and perhaps beyond. The more SEO keywords you incorporate into your website’s content, the more likely your company is to appear in search engine results from the world over, luring internet traffic from as close as next door to as far as a continent away.

Once you have attracted these online viewers to your little corner of the digital world, however, you will want to ensure that the virtual storefront your prospective and existing customers find there is a welcoming one. This means that attention to detail is key. Your site should be uncluttered and inviting, with an appealing mixture of text and graphics. It should be easy to read and navigate and highly specific regarding the products and services your company offers and how it operates—including details such as shipping processes and payment and refund policies. Above all, it should be engaging, demonstrating a passion for the work being done, pride in the goods and services being offers. It should clearly and immediately articulate for new, potential, and existing customers what makes your company special and why your business, above all others, deserves the customer’s hard-earned money and even harder- earned loyalty and trust. The website should be worth of the company it represents, worth of the time and soul investment you have put into it, and worth of the customers it seeks to win and keep. And don’t forget to edit! After all, the company website is the face of your business in the digital world, so make sure it is an unforgettable, an irresistible one.


1800seo is a Doral Marketing agency dedicated to help business to grow their online presence. https://1800seo.com You can learn more about our work visiting our website. SEO Miami


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