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Should You Be Concerned?

As of January 2017 with the new release of Chrome, Google began implementing a major change that every website owner should be aware of. Now visitors will see the words “Not secure” in front of the URL when they are on a website that has a login area or any field asking for sensitive information. Original google announcement Click here.

google not secure warning

It will clearly state that your website is not secure. With all the internet theft and hacking that occurs, your customer will probably leave your site as soon as they see the warning.

They may even lose all confidence in your brand, products and services, and this could significantly damage your reputation.

But Wait! There’s More …

In an effort to encourage the move toward a totally secure internet, Google is using SSL as a ranking signal. This means that SSL secured websites will have a SEO advantage over website who don’t have SLL.

How to recognize SSL secured websites:

Instead of HTTP your website will start with HTTPS, and in front of the HTTPS you will see a closed padlock.

After your SSL certificate is installed, your customers will be able to quickly see that you have protected your website (and protected their privacy as well). They will know they can trust your website and should have no concerns about providing you with their personal information.

Benefits of SSL:

  •   Offers security and privacy for your customers and for yourself
  •   SSL lets visitors that that they can trust your website
  •   With SSL your website will be seen as more professional
  •   Protects your website from hackers who will no longer be able to impersonate your website in order to obtain personal information.
  •   Data integrity: Customer data cannot be corrupted or modified.
  •   Works on a global scale
  •   There will be no loss of link juice. Google will count collective signals from inbound links pointing to both the http and the https versions of the page
  •   It may increase your visitor conversion rates and your overall profitability
  •   Higher SEO ranking: if all other things are equal a website with SSL will be ranked higher than one without
  •   Chrome will start tagging your website as “Not Secure” without a SSL Certificate
  •   SSL will get you more accurate data from Google Analytics.
  •   SSL is essential for Google accelerated mobile pages

    Is your website not secure? We can fix it!

    SSL isn’t like other ranking factors. Implementing it is a complex process and involves some extra costs. Many website owners shy away from trying to do it themselves.

Simple, affordable and immediate. Install SSL on your site today.