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How Marketing and Landing Pages Fit in

Creating a landing page is not an easy task. There are several web design rules and tricks you need to follow. You need to use some actions to make your button noticed, and some words to convince your visitors to ‘claim the offer’ or ‘push the button.’ Before you create a landing page, it is wise to know what your audience wants. Keep in mind that no one is visiting your page for pleasure, all they want is to see if you can solve their problems or not. How marketing and landing pages fit in Even though the use of landing pages can convert many visitors into customers, they are not used to replace any form of marketing.
Unlike most marketing strategies, landing pages follow a straightforward approach. They do not need any explanation. When designing a landing page, keep in mind that less content is necessary. Here are some of the roles that landing pages can play in your marketing strategy. * Landing pages should be designed to go hand in hand with your SEO strategies. Any SEO strategy you employ on your website utilize it on your landing page. * Landing pages and PPC ( pay-per-click ) go hand in hand. However, it is vital to note that you can use landing pages with organic search engine rankings, not only on PPC ads. * Landing pages work so well with social media marketing.
Many businesses have more than one pages for their supporters on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. A landing page offers an easy way to design a customized destination for the marketing campaign, pay-per-click ads, and many others.
web designing agency in Miami

web design agency in Miami

Tips on how to Design Great Landing Pages

1. Avoid navigation menu on your landing page

Landing pages can only be persuasive is they can keep the visitors focused. By not focusing on the message, visitors will not determine if you can provide solutions or not. Focus begins with non existing navigation. A navigation menu can be useful for visitors who would like to learn more about your company. But it should not be on the landing page. Keep in mind that visitors want to learn more about your products, and not browse. You need to have all the information they are looking for on your landing page.

2.Use attention-grabbing headlines

Another great way to earn attention from your visitors is using a headline that catches their eyes and guides them to the rest of your content. For instance, using the word ‘You” means you are speaking directly to the visitors. An attention-grabbing title and subtitles will improve trust to your customers, and they will know they are in the right place.

3.Use helpful media Well-designed

landing pages do not have meaningless media. Some websites may have stock photos, but the images are not useless. Any media used, be it video or photo on your landing page should assist the visitor to gauge your product. You can seek professional help to ensure you design your website the right way.

4.Have convincing ‘Call-to-action’ button

In a well-designed landing page, you will not see words such as ‘Submit here’ or ‘Download.’ Even though they might be helpful in some situations, they might not be convincing to the visitor. The word Submit and Download sound more like a task you are offering the visitor. So, make you ‘Call-to-action’ more beneficial. Also, design your button to stand out. Choose colors that are matching your marketing strategies and web design. Also, make your button look like professional. Keep in mind that visitors see buttons all over. Hence, they do not want to see something boring. That means you should design something useful.

5.Social proof

A good landing page is not jam-packed with information that is not convincing. You should design a strategy that delivers the message better than our competitors. To have a remarkable landing, you need have to employ social proof on your site. Social proof is one reason a visitor may decide a Facebook or a Twitter page is worth following just because it has many followers. It is a reason a visitor thinks an item is good just because a few strangers said so.

Bottom -line You should use a landing page for every marketing campaign you run. You may be selling many products, or you have several promotional offers for various user segments, the landing page is the best strategy to use. Designing a landing page is not hard, you only need some research and some creativity.

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