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Search engines, especially Google, pursue specific goals. The focus is on: valuable information should be made available. Search engine optimization should, therefore, help to present certain information as optimally as possible. The following 7 tips contribute to this:

Find the right keywords

Finding the right keywords to search for the service or the product is essential to provide targeted content on these topics. Focus on keywords with a high search volume and low competition. Take enough time for the exact search. Consider whether there are multiple word combinations to search for. Thus, the combination of “service location” – for example, “painter Winterthur” – also make sense for your company. These keyword combinations are usually not that competitive. A purchase intent such as the search input “buy service” (example, “buy football shoes”), makes sense. It is worth spending enough time here to discover the right pearls.

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You need good content

Only if you create valuable content about your products/services or your defined keywords, you have a good chance of being found on Google. Put yourself in the position of a seeker. As a rule, a searcher wants to have somehow solved a problem. Solve this, and you will be found in the search engines. Avoid withholding information. Because with certainty the information, which you do not want to reveal, is searchable somewhere on the Internet. If you offer products that are also offered on other websites: Make sure that you do not use the texts used by the manufacturer. These are duplicate content in the eyes of Google. Google does not like duplicate content because the benefit for the searcher is in the foreground. What good are hundreds of copies of any standard texts? Create unique content for your product and describe it as well as possible (unique content).

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Maintain the meta-data of your website

Search engine experts expect Google to include more than 200 factors in evaluating a website to position it on search engines. If someone wants you to know that he knows everyone, you’ll be lied to. However, some of these factors are proven. These are, for example, the title (meta title) of a website and the description (meta-description). Fill in these elements on each of your web subpages. Keep in mind that the keywords you want to find are integrated. Of course, the keywords should match the contents of the bottom. Avoid stringing together keywords. In the title and the description, try to find out the problem of the searcher and to animate it to click.

Your website should be technically sound (OnPage optimization)

Make sure that your website works properly and that the loading times are as low as possible. An equivalent web page, which works properly and has no programming errors, will certainly come before a web page with technical errors. OnPage optimization is worthwhile in that all factors can be influenced.

Why a blog is worthwhile

A blog offers the opportunity to present fresh content on the website again and again – and this may be Google. Blog content must be thematically appropriate to your products and services. In addition to an added value, you also convey your expert knowledge. However, avoid writing for Google. Create content that is useful for your website visitors. There are certainly interesting topics from your business, which can be analyzed and analyzed. How to create added value. Also, make sure that the blog is regularly fed with content and that it will not be maintained after a certain amount of time.

Try to get links

Backlinks, ie links from websites that link to yours, are still an important factor in search engine optimization. Links are perceived as recommendations. Or do you link to dubious websites? If you get links from relevant pages, that’s optimal. Try to get started with a simple set of links. Check with business partners or suppliers and inquire as to whether a link is possible. Avoid buying links on eBay or anywhere on the internet in any case! In order to get suitable links, we have started our own blog series.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides all website owners with the Google Webmaster Tools a comprehensive tool that analyzes the website. Set up such an account and learn more about your website. Google will inform you of any changes. For example, this could be the case if your website was hacked, just to name one of many examples. Exciting is also the search queries, which are associated with your website. Here it is worth researching again and again and possibly creating new content.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very comprehensive analysis software, which I think should be used unconditionally. The software is free and can be implemented on your own website using a small code snippet shortly. For example, you can use Google Analytics to determine which are the most visited pages on your website or how many visitors have visited your website. In-depth analyzes are also possible at any time.

Check positions

Monitoring your own keywords is mandatory. How else to state that the measures taken are effective? Note that Google stores the search behavior of the surfer. So, if you are frequently on your website, it can falsify the results. They tend to appear higher up and the effective result is falsified. If you want to make the tedious check something easier, then there are appropriate tools that can do this. Most ranking tools are chargeable. We added a few recommendations on the links below.

Monitor & Alert

Another helpful Google service is Google Alerts. Google Alerts allows you to monitor specific keywords. In case of changes, you will be informed immediately as desired. So you can not only monitor your own company but also your competitors. I think it’s always an advantage to know what the competition is doing. Monitoring can reveal good backlink sources or simply make it possible to optimize your services. Alerting for your own name (company name or your own name) is also helpful. That’s how you always find out when you or your products are mentioned somewhere.

Conclusion: Invest regularly time

SEO – or the search engine optimization – is not a short sprint. It’s a marathon. To get results, you often have to bite your teeth together. It takes time and a lot of patience for a page to be well positioned in Google. As with a marathon, it takes longer for the finish line to be visible. Be aware that you need to invest time and work in SEO to achieve good positions.

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